Michael Cherry is currently driving on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. He eventually wants to be the first African-American to win the Sprint Cup.

Valrico native Michael Cherry has made a huge impact in the sport of racecar driving in a short amount of time.  At 22, Cherry has made history as a driver and he looks to continue his success on the NASCAR K&N pro series East. Cherry is an inspirational athlete, and is full of determination to perform in the sport he loves.
“I started racing BMX and dirt bikes at an early age,” said Cherry.
After a couple injuries Cherry decided to stop racing bikes and to pursue driving racecars. When he was 16, Cherry started racing at local dirt track East Bay Race Way. After much success on the dirt, Cherry took his talents to the paved track.
After three years on the dirt track, Cherry was invited to the NASCAR combine in 2007. This was the start of many opportunities given to Cherry to prove his talent as a driver.
“Not many people are given these types of opportunity,” said Cherry, “I’ve had the chance to race in places that I only saw on T.V.”
Cherry has had a lot of success in racing so far, but a few accomplishments stand out above the rest. In 2006, he was the first African-American to win at East Bay Race Way. The next year, Cherry was named Rookie of the Year.  Last season, Cherry was the first African-American to win at Tri-County Speedway in North Carolina.
“Racing is in my blood,” said Cherry, “I enjoy the rush and I enjoy winning. That is why we do what we do.”
Cherry most recently participated in the Drive for Diversity Combine which he has participated in the past years. This combine invites 25 racers and the most deserving will be given a spot on the Revolution Racing Team. This will be Cherry’s fourth year being involved with Revolution Racing and this program.
Even though it is a dangerous and difficult sport, Cherry looks forward to continuing his racing career as long as he can.
“I plan on taking things step by step,” said Cherry, “You have to enjoy it while you can because you never know what is going to happen.”
With gaining media exposure, Cherry is representing the Brandon area with his success in NASCAR. He is happy that he can represent the area and be a successful driver.
“I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far,” said Cherry, “I love to represent this area as a racer.”
Cherry, at a young age, has already achieved many things in the racing world and continues to be an inspiration for young racers looking to make it in this sport. Cherry’s main goal is to be a role model and eventually be the first African-American to win the Sprint Cup.
For more information about Michael Cherry’s career, follow him on Twitter @fastcherry or visit www.fastcherry.blogspot.com.

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