31 Boyette Springs Elementary School fourth grade students who were inducted into the schools first National Elementary Honor Society.

During a festive induction ceremonyat Boyette Springs Elementary School last month, 31 fourth and fifth grade students became members of the school’s first National Elementary Honor Society program.

Founded on the principles of scholarship, responsibility, leadership and service, National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) was established in 2008 to recognize elementary students for their outstanding academic achievement, service to the school, the community and develop essential leadership skills.

Boyette Springs is only the second elementary school in Eastern Hillsborough County to have NEHS.
“I felt that NEHS was another opportunity to recognize students for going the extra mile,” said school principal Nancy Dukes.

Dukes explained that in addition to students achieving academic goals, another component of NEHS is service to the community.

“Providing a service to others helps to round out a student’s school life and helps them understand about sharing their “gifts,” Dukes said.

Thanks to her own involvement with the community, school adviser and BSE fourth grade math/science teacher Heather de Laski, brings to the program all the needed skills.

 “When our school principal offered the opportunity to bring the NEHS to our school I jumped on it because I believe all children should have an opportunity to give back and help others,” de Laski said. 

de Laski also relies on the help of Tawnya Andersen, co-advisor, Stefanie Ferguson, Kathy Giacomin and Betsy Trask.
Guest speaker and former Boyette Springs student and current National Honor Society member at Riverview High School, Morgan Rodgers explained the importance of living up to the privilege of their induction.

de Laski said that students must maintain an A/B grade point average to stay in the society. The students must also be a part of three service projects inside or outside of the school.

“The boys and girls have been very ecstatic about getting to be a part of something as special as National Honor Society and are proud of being  the first group to ever be inducted from BSE,” de Laski said.

To help remain in the program, de Laski encourages her students to reflect on a special quote she routinely shares with them and, which reads, “The world today, as never before, needs faithful and efficient leaders. May your light be the light that makes a difference in the world.”

Future NEHS projects include Relay for Life on March 31, at Riverview High School where the students will be responsible to help set up the camp ground and walk laps on the track.

Also supporting the event is CARDS for a Cure a  school wide project designed to to help raise money for BSE’s relay for life team.

Students are currently collecting Gasparilla and Mardi Gras bead necklaces for Faces of Courage and have almost filled a 55-gallon barrel. Donations can be dropped off at the school.

The students who entered the society include: Alexander Seijo, Allison Powers, Olivia Frazier, Jaylyn Bido, Cameron Cramer, Keavy Roberts, Justin Moore, Chalea Melton, Karina Lara, Nadia Rodriguez. 5th graders- Geoffrey Beane, Logan Ortiz, Colin Wright, Alexia Green, Shea Zellers, Jeffrey Billings, Olivia Kanahan, Kristina Porter, Mya Stubbs, Sofia Aybar, Lianna Becker, Andrew Faehn, Taylor Kimbrell, Morgan Lund, Tiffanie Miranda, Duncan Patterson, Maurice Pickett, Faith Prebich, Kristen Scott, Denae Sawyer.

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