Bloomingdale resident Amanda Magadan began her personal chef business – Savor Life – two years ago after sending her son, Jacob, off to Kindergarten at Nativity Catholic School.

“I liked the name Savor Life because as I get older I really think it’s so important to savor the little things in life,” she explained. “Savor Life is great is great motto to live and eat by.”

In 2009, she began taking business classes at the Brandon Chamber. She had her first cooking session in April of 2010. “Once I formed an LLC, filed my business name and told my mom, I felt like I couldn’t look back,” she said. And she hasn’t looked back.

Most of her customers are busy families that want to eat well but don’t necessarily have the time to make it happen. “It’s tough to work all day, pick up the kids and prepare a healthy balanced meal. I try to give them some quality back to their busy lives.”

Her menu consists of items that freeze well and can be reheated without taking away flavor. Magadan revealed that she has a soft spot for the recipes that remind her of her late mother-in-law, Alice.

“I think people are nostalgic about the comfort food’s their mothers or grandmas made them,” she said. “My menu includes chicken and dumplings and a Marsala mushroom meatloaf, which I make with ground turkey so it’s bit healthier than what grandma would have made for us.”

“When I leave my customers home I leave behind the welcoming aroma of food made with great care,” Magadan explained. “There is something special about a home cooked meal. I think my food tastes better because of the effort I make in selecting the perfect lemon or using the right combination of spices and herbs.”

In addition to her flourishing business, Magadan has been connected with Crunch Pak, a company that produces sliced apples. “I have sent them close to 20 recipes since November.” In the near future, she will be featured on the company’s Website.

“It’s a quality product that we were enjoying before I stared creating recipes so my family and friends don’t mind all the taste testing. I want people to be inspired to make things with Crunch Pak apples. They are great because you don’t need lemon juice to keep them from turning brown and they are pre-sliced. They make such a beautiful presentation in salads.”

Examples of Magadan’s recipes include acorn squash with turkey sausage and apples, an apple and prosciutto tart with blue cheese, several savory recipes, salads as well as desserts…of course.

For more information on Magadan’s personal chef business, call 340-0290 or e-mail For more information on Crunch Pak sliced apples, please visit or pick them up at your local grocery store.

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Jennifer Silverstein
Jennifer is the Assistant Editor at the Osprey Observer, having climbed the corporate ladder from intern in 2007. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. She lives in Channing Park with her husband, Eric, and their two dogs.