For those people that watch the fashion trends or struggle with their own personal style, Stacy London may be an answer to those efforts. London is known for her fashion wisdom on the TLC network show, What Not To Wear, airing since 2003.

For those who watch the show, London is known for her straight-forward, candid advice for people that they are wearing clothes that don’t fit properly or aren’t dressing their age. London is also known to be repulsed by sweatpants and flip flops. By the end of each episode, London almost always produces an amazing transformation for the one lucky person.

What you may not know is that London is also editor-in-chief for Westfield Style, the shopping magazine produced by the Westfield Malls located throughout the county. To promote the second edition of this magazine, London recently visited The Westfield Mall at Brandon Town Center for a meet and greet. She met one-on-one with the first 250 shoppers for a personal fashion consultation.

“I’m excited to be promoting my new magazine during this tour,” said London. “This publication is like a road-map or a GPS to finding the perfect outfits and accessories. It’s like a manual to make shopping easier.”

All the outfits and accessories in the magazine are put together by London and then listed by store. “Many of my hand-written tips are throughout the magazine to help people identify what’s available throughout the mall, which is perfect for people that have difficulty putting together outfits or have a limited amount of time,” explained London.

Two other women waiting to meet London that day were Facebook contest winners that received an especially long consultation and a $400 shopping spree. Audra Dunn and Beverly Matler were thrilled with the opportunity to ask London about their personal style. “She told me that I can make a statement with my style without spending a lot of money,” said Dunn. “And that sometimes shopping can be cheaper than therapy,” joked Matler.

London also met with two local teachers from Brandon (mother and daughter), Cassie and Ashley Wilson. They waited in line more than an hour to speak with London. “She told me that because I was short, I should try to stay away from Capri-pants and long shirts because that will make me look even shorter, “said Ashley. “She was so nice and funny, it was so worth the wait to meet her.”

When asked about her future endeavors, London said that she is looking forward to shooting more episodes of What Not To Wear, as well as her new book that is being released in October called The Truth About Style. London is also producing a new documentary on TLC about plus-sized design that will be airing in May.

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