MOSI is pleased to be the Florida premiere of the fantastic exhibition, Mummies of the  World. You can see the largest collection of mummies ever assemble from Friday, April 27-Monday, September 3.

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) will present Mummies of the World beginning on Friday, April 27. This is the fifth stop of the exhibition’s exclusive seven city tour and the Florida premiere. The astonishing exhibit includes a 6,420-year-old child mummy from Peru, which dates 3,000 years before King Tut.

Mummies of the World is the first exhibition of its kind to be showcased at MOSI. The exhibition presents a never before seen collection of rare mummies from across the world including South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Egypt. It is the largest exhibition of human and animal mummies and related artifacts ever assembled.

“Mummies of the World will change visitors’ understanding of what mummies are and what can be learned from them,” said Wit Ostrenko, president and CEO of MOSI. “The mummies in this exhibition have been studied using cutting edge, non-destructive technology to provide insights into the lives and cultures of long ago. Modern science truly can shed new lights on very old ideas and MOSI is honored to offer such a perception changing and thought provoking collection,” added Ostrenko.

This exhibition will make you forget your preconceived notions that all mummies come from Egypt. Mummification, both through natural processes and intentional process, has taken place all of over the globe.

You will see many mummies including the Vac mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis; the Baron von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of a 14th century castle wearing his best leather boots; an ancient Peruvian woman naturally mummified in the warm desert air complete with tattoos and long black hair intact; and a howler monkey from Argentina.

Mummies of the World will be on exhibit at MOSI from Friday, April 27-Monday, September 3. Tickets are on sale. Reservations are recommended. Mummies of the World is a timed-entry exhibition. Visitors will be asked to select the date and time of their visit. Tickets can be purchased by calling 987-6000.

MOSI is a not-for-profit, community based institution and educational resource dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge and understanding of science, industry and technology.

MOSI is located at 4801 E. Fowler Ave. in Tampa. For more information, please visit

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