Toni McCafferty is the founder and owner of FishHawk Consigns, a new online consignment shop which has clothes and accessories for men, women and children.

There is only one thing more fun than the easy convenience that is online shopping, and that is online consignment shopping. Thanks to the launch of FishHawk Consigns, an online consignment shop that has clothing and accessories for men, women and children, shoppers can browse from home for quality clothing at low prices.

Toni McCafferty, owner and founder of FishHawk Consigns, and her family have always been consignment shoppers. A couple of years ago she came up with the online consignment shop concept to try and better cater to clients interested in consignment shopping.

“Sometimes consignment shops had odd ‘sell back’ hours, like twice a week for a couple of hours a day when people can come and drop off their clothes, and that can be hard to work around for a busier household,” said McCafferty. “I wanted my online shop to help clients with busier schedules.”

McCafferty officially launched FishHawk Consigns on Valentine’s Day of this year. “When I started out I had maybe 200 items, it’s been crazy but wonderful. My family is very excited about it,” she said. “Every day my kids will ask me, ‘Mom, what did you sell today?’” Currently there are more than 800 items for sale on the FishHawk Consigns Website.

Not only is the idea of an online consignment shop unique, there is no actual store location. Clothing is either mailed to the clients or McCafferty is willing to meet customers so that they can try on the clothes in person. “Since I’m a home-based business, I’m able to work around my customers’ schedules: I can meet them at their homes during the day or after work, I can even meet them at work if that is more convenient for them,” she said.

To browse the clothing selections or schedule your own appointment, visit, call McCafferty at 758-0959 or e-mail

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