By Kris Martinez

Florida native and longtime Valrico resident Brenda Wade has been successfully helping families buy and sell their homes in the Tampa Bay area since 2002. Whether you are purchasing your first home or are at the end of home ownership, Brenda Wade and the Brenda Wade Team at Signature Realty Associates can help. 

Wade, who owned and operated a successful real estate agency in Texas, returned to her native Florida in 1993 and obtained her real estate license in 2001 with no real intentions of returning to the business full time. In 2002 she began selling to friends and fellow  church members, and by the end of her first year, she was the Signature Realty top producer in the area. What makes this an amazing accomplishment is that she did it without even having business cards.
“I said to my husband, ‘I think I’m working.’  Without intentionally working, I was working, and so in 2003 I got business cards and I hired an assistant right off the bat,” Wade said. Each year her business has grown exponentially, and she and her team have been top producers since 2002. 

What makes Wade so successful in an industry that has suffered a decline since the housing crash of 2006?  “I feel like I have a real understanding of real estate and the market,” Wade explained.  Like a puzzle, she knows how to put together the pieces of the real estate market and the needs of her clients. “When you lay your head down the first night you buy this house and you’re going to be exhausted getting into bed…I want you to be in love. Just OK isn’t enough.  This is not your house,” she recently told a family who was undecided about a house. To be able to help people put the pieces of the puzzle together and to help them make a good investment as well as to make it be their home gives Wade the greatest joy. 

Wade’s moving truck is a familiar sight in the area. What people might not know, however, is that the truck is just as likely being used to help people in need as it is to carry furniture to a new house. 

The truck has been used by churches and homeless shelters as well as charities and fundraisers such as Feed the Bay and the Nativity Catholic Church Jubilee.

 “It’s very fun to see where that truck goes in a year. We said we were going to do a blog of where that truck goes, because it’s kind of our way to give back,” explained Wade. 

For information on how Wade and the Brenda Wade Team at Signature Realty can help with the sale of your house or the purchase of a new home, call 655-5333 or visit

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