FishHawk resident Jamie Jacobs is a regional spokesperson for Walmart, watch for him in local print and television ads.

Local FishHawk resident, Jamie “Jake” Jacobs, can be seen in a local advertising campaign for Walmart. Jacobs, is a regional spokesperson for Walmart with its new price comparison campaign. A series of print and televisions commercials began running May 2 and the campaign is hoped to continue into 2013.

As the host and spokesperson, Jacobs’ job is to take real shoppers, who shopped at a competitor store for goods and groceries, and to help them take their receipts, shop for the same items at a Walmart store, compare prices and see how much they saved. To see the  latest commercial that showcases the Walmart value, log on to:

Jacobs is no stranger to television and he continues to be “Jake”, the host  of the classic car TV Show, Tail Fins and Chrome airing on 8 Prime & Tuff TV around the nation. For more information, you can check out: and/or friend him on Facebook: Jake Tail Fins Chrome.

“I have had the opportunity to travel all across America in my career and now I am so happy to be working right here at home,” said Jacobs. “I am very excited to be in the community I am passionate about and where we have chosen to raise our family.”

Jacobs, who is known for being seen in his signature fedora hat, brings years of experience to his new job. In addition to working as an actor, stand-up comedian and in narration, he has hosted American Home on HGTV and Designing Spaces on TLC.

Jacobs loves his job. “I love the fact that I can do a job where I can interact with people,” Jacobs added.

Jacobs lives in FishHawk Ranch with his wife and two children. “I love living in this area because I love the sense of community that exists in the greater Brandon area,” said Jacobs.

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