By Samantha R. Evensen

Scott Eder, unlike so many people who relinquish their dreams and never look back, has re-ignited his passions for the thing he loves: writing. Early in life, Eder pursued a successful career in computers. Fast forward 20 years, a little disillusioned with his career, he had lost site of his own dreams and once he remembered, made the decision to follow through.

His debut novel, Knight of Flame, chronicles the war between the elemental knights and the last of the Gray Lords.

The Elemental Knights are a small group of knights that can control certain elements. There are four of them that have been anointed and have been guarding humanity against the Gray Lords for centuries. Over time, if a knight falls in battle, another is chosen, where as when a Gray Lord is destroyed the rest grow stronger and now the last and most powerful remain.

Knight of Flame, the first book in the contemporary fantasy series, takes place in modern day Tampa and St. Petersburg. In one of the first climactic scenes, a battle ensues on the Sunshine Skyway.

“Setting those real settings inside the fantasy elements is something I definitely wanted to do, so when people drive over that bridge or are in downtown Tampa, they’re recalling the events that took place and making that connection with my book,” said Eder.

As the series progresses, the perspective of each of the four knights will be introduced. The Knight of Flame will always be the primary hero, but with each book you’ll gain a different dimension, earth, air and water and as the Gray Lord’s influence increases the settings will become more global.

“I wrote this book based on what I want to read. So as I was writing, I made sure that it had a lot of romance and relationships throughout. Relationships are very important to me, whether it be camaraderie building, romance, teacher, student; I like to watch them evolve. I try to encapsulate those themes so it’s not just hack-slash sorcery, but I’d like to thinks there’s some depth” said Eder.

Knight of Flame is currently available as an e-book for kindle and nook and the printed version will be released on Sunday, December 15.

The first five chapters are available online through Twilight Times Books at

For more information about the author or to share your thoughts you can visit, or check out Scott Eder on Facebook.


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