Written By Girl Scout Troop 759

Saving energy is very important to our Earth. Girl Scout Troop 759 needs your help to save energy and keep earth’s resources lasting for a long time. Our goal is to nurture and protect our natural resources.

Our troop recently visited the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) to learn about saving energy. Some of the activities we did at MOSI were: Learning about community energy consumption using the software program ElectroCity; learning how to make jewelry out of recycled items and experimenting with light bulbs to determine the most energy efficient. We also investigated the buildings at MOSI to determine where there are drafts and reported back our findings. We experimented with solar power by designing and constructing solar ovens. We then roasted s’mores in our ovens. We also learned that MOSI incorporated energy efficient methods in the design and construction of their parking lot.

There are many ways you can save energy. Turning off the lights when you leave rooms and buildings and unplugging appliances that are not in use are two examples. Other suggestions are to turn off your computer when it is not in use and keep blinds closed on sunny, warm days. To conserve water, you should turn off water while brushing your teeth. Using cold water to wash clothes saves a big amount of energy. Ninety percent of the energy used to wash clothes just heats the water. We can also conserve energy by traveling smarter. We should carpool as much as we can to activities and walk or bicycle as much as we can. Recycling is a great way to conserve our natural resources. Now that our community has the nice new recycling bins, we are encouraged to recycle even more materials.

The activities we did at MOSI helped our troop to gain understanding about saving energy. We came up with ideas for saving energy and we challenge you to use them. The pledge we made to save energy is to, “use energy as wisely as I can by using my own energy to enjoy the great outdoors, biking and walking whenever I can, cutting back on my use of electricity, unplugging appliances when they are not in use, turning off lights when I leave a room, asking my family to conserve electricity, speaking out about the importance of energy efficiency, and educating and inspiring others to conserve energy too.”  Can you make that pledge too?


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