By Brian Shaffer

For more than 30 years, Damon C. Glisson has called Ruskin home and has strived to serve the members of its community in many of his works.

Glisson established a law practice in Apollo Beach in 1982 and, since then, has helped countless clients in a variety of areas, including estate planning, family law, real estate law, probate and guardianship and elder law.

“I have been blessed by having a family that supported me, who had a farm here and who got me through law school,” said Glisson, whose family ties to Ruskin date back three generations and include a flower farm that was once the largest in the state. “It has been a privilege to serve as an attorney here and I believe in giving back because this community has always supported me.”

His commitment to the area of Ruskin, Apollo Beach and the surrounding communities dates back to 1974 when Glisson earned is juris doctor and moved to Ruskin. Over the years, Glisson has developed a close bond with the residents of south Hillsborough County.

Whether he was serving as Scout Master to Boy Scouts Troop 661 or protecting the residents of Apollo Beach from the dangers of sulfur as he did in a landmark case in the 1980’s, Glisson has dedicated much of his time and effort to serving the people of his community.

Why does he do it? The answer, Glisson said, is easy.

“All you have to do in this community is ask,” he said. “And people show up to help.”

With roots this deep and a connection this strong, any area resident in need of the legal services provided by Glisson can rely on him to be there throughout the process and to protect their best interests with honesty and integrity.

In addition to his legal work, Glisson has served the community in a number of beneficial ways. He is a long-standing Traffic Magistrate for Hillsborough County, a member of the Florida Bar Leadership Committee, has served as Chair of the Florida Bar Leadership Conference, and is a member of the chambers of commerce for both Ruskin South Shore and Apollo Beach.

If you would like to learn more about how Glisson and his law services might help you, contact his office, located at 5908 Fortunate Pl. in Apollo Beach, by calling 645-6796 or e-mailing


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