By Sharon Still

PayantFinancialLogoHonesty, experience and expertise are three of the most important characteristics people seek when looking for a financial advisor, and that is just what customers will find at Payant Financial Services. In business since 1979, the company has worked with retired individuals and families for more than 30 years, often over several generations, providing wealth management for clients through a wide range of market conditions.

Originally located in Old Hyde Park Village, Payant Financial began developing its practice in Sun City Center when co-owner Tom Payant’s parents, Jerry and Sally, retired in the area. “Tom’s parents were our first clients in Sun City Center. In 1984, we began meeting Tom’s parent’s friends and neighbors who became clients,” said co-owner Robyn Payant, wife of Tom. “Soon we began doing workshops and our practice continued to grow at a pace we were proud of through the 1980s and 1990s.”

In 1999, when the one-acre corner site next to the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce became available for sale, the couple purchased the land, and with the assistance of two clients, a retired architect and an experienced builder, designed and built the Payant Financial Plaza. The building is home to Payant Financial Services and Payant Tax Services, Encore Bank and Armand’s Hearing Center.

In 2006, Robyn and Tom purchased a home in Sarasota and opened a second office in that community.

At Payant Financial Services, the team of professionals helps individuals and families craft a wealth management plan, offering expertise in investment planning, retirement income planning, tax, insurance and estate planning. “Our goal is for each of our clients to benefit from the collective experience of our professionals which spans more than 90 years,” said Tom. “Our team-based approach provides access to the specialized experience of each one of our professionals,” he added, noting that the team includes a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Analyst  and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction.

“We pride ourselves on providing an objective point of view, without the distraction of conflicts of interest. Our goals and those of our clients are one and the same,” Tom said. “Our comprehensive approach is designed to create a plan that helps achieve the client’s near and long-term goals.”

Tom points out that Payant Financial Services’ location in Sun City Center dictates that the company works with several retirees whose goals are different from younger, working people who have 20-25 years until retirement. “Because retirees are different, we employ investment management strategies designed to help lessen overall portfolio risk,” he said.

Payant Financial Services uses Pershing as a custodian and clearing agent. Pershing is a BNY Mellon company that has been a leading global provider of financial business solutions for almost 75 years and serves many of the world’s most respected financial organizations.

“Having Pershing as our partner gives us access to a great array of investment choices and services,” said Robyn. “The size and strength of Pershing often enables access to institutional pricing. Institutional pricing may provide lower purchase and sale and management cost when compared to normal retail pricing available to the public.”

Thomas A. Payant offers securities and insurance services through SagePoint Financial, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Thomas A. Payant offers investment advisory services through Payant Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc.

Payant Financial Services is located at 1653 Sun City Center Plaza in Sun City Center. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 633-7333 or visit for further information.

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