By Nicole Heubusch

Semi-Annual Dues

South Ridge’s Semi-Annual dues deadline is Tuesday, July 1. If homeowners have misplaced their coupons, they should contact the management company for a replacement before July 1. Residents can contact McNeil Management by calling 571-7100 or e-mailing

Crime Stoppers Information

There have been a few small thefts in the South Ridge community, and after a recent discussion, South Ridge’s neighborhood HCSO Deputy provided the community with some helpful information about Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay. This information is important, and a useful tool that not only the residents of South Ridge, but everyone else in surrounding communities should be aware of and make use of. For more information on Crime Stoppers, visit crimestopper

Reporting Pollution

South Ridge homeowners are encouraged to take a picture of oil leaks in the street that run into storm drains or  trash dumped in a conservation area and e-mail it to reportpollution@hillsborough

Roof Warranty

Approximately a quarter of the homes in South Ridge have visible dark stains, and if a homeowner is concerned about the leaks in their roof or the dark stain on their roof shingles, they may be able to get warranty assistance through Certainteed, the manufacturer of the shingles on all the homes in the community. This warranty coverage can be pursued if homeowners do not wish to remove the stains on their own.

Monthly Landscaping Tips

The month of June is the rainy season in Florida which changes the irrigation schedule. Mowing is now required every 5-7 days. If a homeowner did not apply fertilizer in the month of May, it now needs to be applied to lawns, trees and shrubs. During summer, chinch bugs and sod webworm are active, and will cause brown spots in green areas if not properly taken care of. In July, homeowners are encouraged to continue to irrigate and mow the same as during the month of June. Shrubs should be pruned and tree limbs thinned out to allow winds to pass through.

For more information on the South Ridge HOA, visit

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