By Robyn St. James

Buying a car is an almost necessary part of life in today’s technology-fueled society, but for some, a car dealership is a battleground to be avoided at all costs. Thanks to one local resident, shoppers no longer have to car haggle alone, or at all.
Shawn Spiegel, also known as “The Car Haggler,” has captured a unique niche in the automotive industry. He does everything for shoppers, from finding the car to following up post-sale to ensure complete customer satisfaction. He offers free consultations and works with all brands. He locates cars, turns over leases, negotiates deals, trades cars, gets cars sale ready, facilitates vehicle delivery and saves the consumers both time and money. Spiegel always ensures the customer is happy with everything before leaving, and checks back later to make sure the vehicle is fully satisfactory. He completes paperwork and even coordinates test drives, interfacing with dealers so consumers don’t have to.
Spiegel has been in business for about two years. He works with all brands of cars, such as Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo. His business is growing and more dealerships continue to want to work with The Car Haggler. But Spiegel is completely different from a car dealership.
“I am not a salesman. I am more of a professional buyer that works for my client. I take the buying and sales pressure away from my clients and make everything stress free,” Spiegel said.
There are no similar businesses that offer the services that Spiegel offers. Spiegel said the things that set him apart are his customer service, knowledge and the way he keeps his clients informed throughout the entire buying process. He chose the Tampa Bay area because it’s a large, diverse area in which he’s developed many relationships in the automotive industry. His service prices start at $200.
For that money, Spiegel said, “I take everything negative that is involved with purchasing a new or used vehicle, the hassle, the incredible amount of time, the sales tactics and make it enjoyable, stress free, while saving my clients money.”
Spiegel can be reached at or 813-598-6979. Visit for more information.
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