By Libby Hopkins

K9logoDogs are considered to be man’s best friend. They offer us a wagging tail and lots of wet, sloppy kisses when we come home to them each day. All they ask for in return is unconditional love and lots of playtime. Playtime is most important for a dog, and it can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or running around an agility course. David Phillips of M.D.W. K-9 in Brandon realized that dogs need to have playtime as well as obedience training.

“We started M.D.W. K-9 mainly because of the neighborhood we live in,” Phillips said. “I become aware of all the dogs just randomly roaming the streets and I started M.D.W. with the hopes to provide the community a reasonably priced alternative to letting their dogs roam.” M.D.W. stands for Motivated Dog Walkers.

M.D.W. K-9 offers a variety of classes that range from understanding your dog to motivational drive.

“Motivational Drive embraces the dog’s instincts, and works with them instead of trying to control them,” Phillips said. “Training should always remain fun; it is how we play with our dogs. Our dogs see it as play and they are always learning.”

Phillips also has a huge heart when it comes to dog rescue.

“Almost all the money I earn goes back into dogs in some way or another,” Phillips said.

He was introduced by a mutual friend to the owners of Heidi’s Legacy, which is a local non-profit dog rescue that is dedicated to the rescue and placement of unwanted companion animals. Since the rescue started in 2002, it has helped nearly 1,800 animals find loving forever homes. Phillips is building the rescue an agility course in the hopes of raising money for the charity. “My hopes are to make it available to the public for a small entry fee that will cover the maintenance cost in addition to having a trainer there to answer common questions or concerns,” Phillips said.

To learn more about the services offered at M.D.W. K-9, visit or call 720-4308. To learn more about Heidi’s Legacy or to make a donation to the rescue, visit or call 737-1795.

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Libby Hopkins has been a part of the Brandon community for more than 30 years. She is a graduate of USF with a degree in journalism. She has been a freelance writer for The Osprey Observer Newspaper since 2008. She also the Executive Director of Center Place Fine Arts and Civic Association. She is a dog mom to her rescue dog, Marshall. She loves being a part of the Brandon Community and she loves sharing positive news about our community.