By Bonnie Mentel

SunshineDoctor copyDr. Monica Rivera had been providing care with a medical practice in FishHawk when she decided that it was time for her to part ways and continue to provide high quality and compassionate care under her own practice, Sunshine State Family Care.

“Last year I decided to venture out on my own. Getting to know the people from FishHawk and providing for their needs has been wonderful. My patients are from around here and I see them everywhere. If they need anything they can always walk in and Norma, Anna and Linda will make sure they get taken care of, as well,” Dr. Rivera said.

Dr. Rivera specializes in family medicine.

“I always like to promote health care and preventative medicine. Since I see everyone from all stages in family medicine, my main focus has always been preventive, but not to say we don’t manage chronic conditions. We do,” said Dr. Rivera.

When it comes to students, the clinic performs both school and sports physicals. Dr. Rivera recommends that everyone gets a physical every year for the main focus of prevention.

Sunshine State Family Care accepts most public and private insurance plans.

“We have extended hours so that the patients that work don’t miss out on work, and so that kids don’t need to be taken out of school for an appointment, unless necessary,” Rivera said.

The clinic, located at 16144 Churchview Dr. St. 109 in FishHawk, has extended hours on Monday, Tuesday until 8 p.m. and Thursday until 7 p.m.

The office is fully electronic. Established patients have access to the web portal to view their labs or physicals once Dr. Rivera has reviewed them. Dr. Rivera is originally from Puerto Rico and her entire office staff is bilingual in Sunshine InsideEnglish and Spanish.

To schedule an appointment or for further questions, call 651-9396 or visit

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