By Tamas Mondovics

Parents, students and area high school football fans were treated last month to what many say turned out to be one of the best games of the season as they witnessed Bloomingdale High School Bulls make football history against its neighboring Class 8A District 6 rival Newsome High School Wolves.

Befitting a winning program led by Head Coach Brian Surcy, the Bulls overcame a 12 point-Newsome lead early in the game by keeping the Wolves one step behind for the rest of the night and winning the close battle with a final score of 34-27.

“We are going to play as we have been all year and try to make history tonight,” said Surcy just moments before the game, adding that the Bulls record is great, but the program has yet a lot to prove.

Knowing what needed to be done in order to hold the Bulls at bay, Newsome Head Coach Kenneth Hiscock also spoke about game-strategy, such as discipline and focus and making no mistakes, which, especially in the second half, proved to be in a bit of short supply, resulting in dropped balls, as well as a number of missed opportunities that would have surely made the difference.

Following the quick gain, Newsome got a taste of the Bulls strength led by junior quarterback Isaiah McIntyre who, by the time the game was done, threw for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns as well as rushed for a little more than 100 yards on 11 carries.

To make history, McIntyre got all he needed from his O-line that included his right-hand man Doug Sandberg, who finished with eight catches for nearly 170 yards and two touchdowns.

“This victory means everything for us,” Sandberg said. “It was a team effort and we stuck it out especially when the going got tough. Newsome is our rival team and this win is huge.”

Bulls Chris Wonsley also made sure to have a hand in the history-making game by finishing with 140-plus yards and three touchdowns, including his three-yard TD with just 1:09 left in the fourth quarter, which was sealed by a McIntyre pass to WR Sam Gonzalez.

With less than a minute to go, Newsome had the ball and a chance to turn the nail-biter game to its favor with Chris Bryant returning to kick to about midfield.

Unfortunately, the mistakes Hiscock talked about prior to the game, proved costly and the Wolves drive stalled at the Bulls 23.

Newsome junior quarterback Cole Schaller gave all he had left, but after a couple of incomplete throws and a run that went nowhere, the Wolves had 12 seconds and 10 yards to go with no more downs left that didn’t produce the necessary result.

Having possession of the football, the Bulls took a knee to run out the final seconds of the game, which ensued in a celebration that could have only been better on Bloomingdale’s home turf.

With the win, the Bulls were set for Wharton to secure the school’s much-longed-for playoff berth.

“We have made history,” Surcy said completing his first ever game against Newsome as head coach. “This is the most wins in school history, but it’s not over yet.”

Surcy eagerly commended the Wolves efforts when he said, “You have to have respect for Newsome. They are a great team with a great football past and made us work hard for the win.”

But this was the Bulls turn to shine. Regardless of what was to follow, high school football history was made under the Friday night lights.

Fans got what they came to see, completed by a great football-season-experience, which will most certainly be talked about at Bloomingdale High for years to come.

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