By Libby Hopkins

ImpactlogoThere is a brand new school in the community making a difference in the lives of its students. Impact Academy in Seffner opened its doors this past March and it services children with varying disabilities.

“We have an amazing curriculum and a big focus on functional living skills development,” said the school’s administrator, Colette Stibich. “We have an amazing staff that includes degree certified ESE teachers, masters level ABA instructors, and 18 years teaching experience with special needs children.”

Two of the school’s teachers have special needs children of their own who attend the school as well.

Impact Academy is a private non-profit school. Its mission is to provide a place where children and families are happy to belong and are reassured with positive and frequent communication.

“We have been to a number of schools and we really wanted to do something a little different than the current options that are out there,” Stibich said.

The school ensures academic, social and personal life skills are taught with an exceptional level of love and professionalism. It also facilitates a nurturing and safe environment while aligning themselves with other community programs. The school recognizes the differences in each of its student’s abilities, so they set goals and assessments for their students accordingly.

The school also has small class sizes with low student/teacher ratios, which is something that the parent and students love about Impact Academy.

“We have been thrilled with the positive responses and feedback that our families have provided to us,” Stibich said. “They all have been really wonderful with their love and support. We are truly blessed.”

Stibich hopes that Impact Academy will continue to grow and provide amazing services to their students in a way that is a perfect fit for them.

“We developed an individualized program with each child and work toward goals that are manageable and attainable,” Stibich said.

To learn more about Impact Academy, visit  www.impactacade or call Stibich at 784-8202.

The academy is hosting a golf tournament at Cypress Creek in Ruskin on Saturday, November 1. Individuals interested in being a sponsor for this event or to participate in it, register through the academy’s website.

The academy is located at 1301 S. Parsons Ave. in Seffner.

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Libby is a writer for The Osprey Observer/The Christian Voice. She started as an intern in 2009 and upon finishing her internship, she was asked to stay on as a permanent writer for both papers. Libby lives in Brandon with her two rescue dogs, Olive and Bogey.