By Tamas Mondovics

What is now a successful school tradition, the Bloomingdale High School music department is once again gearing up to represent the school and the community overseas.

Department Director Jon Sever said the trip will give the students a chance to take part in a number of performances.

“The music department will be traveling to Rome and Frascati where there will be two parades by the Rajun’ Bull Band and various performances in Rome and Frascoti by the chorus and orchestra,” Sever said.

The upcoming trip is not the schools’ first overseas trip as the Bulls have had a chance to represent the school and the country on a number of various occasions.

As part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Bloomingdale’s orchestra was selected to perform in Beijing for the International Youth Festival, while the Rajun’ Bulls Band, orchestra, the Crimson Guard and the Elite Ambassadors Show Choir were selected to perform in the 25th anniversary New Year’s Day parade in London.

While taking a trip that will be coordinating nearly 300 people, Sever said that the department is not without the generosity of the community and the strong support of the school administration and student body.

“We are so very lucky to have an administration, student body, and community that value a quality music education,” he said.

The quality of music education Sever is talking about was on display during the annual Florida Bandmasters Association FBA Music Performance Assessment, hosted recently by the Bloomingdale High School Band Boosters last month.

To the delight of their sponsors and guests, the 255-member Bloomingdale High School Rajun’ Bull Marching Band took the field as the final band of the day performing its “Bull’s on Safari, Welcome to the Jungle, Toto’s ‘Africa.” show, which earned the Band’s 28th consecutive superiors since the school’s opening.

For more information about local bands and the Florida Bandmasters Association FBA Music Performance Assessment, visit or

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