By Marisa Webber

“It’s crazy the backgrounds some of the dogs come from, yet they just love you automatically,” said Karina Siegel, a student at Bloomingdale High School. She and her family are taking part in a program called Florida All Retriever Rescue by fostering puppies until they are adopted full time.

The puppy/puppies typically stay with them for about a month until they are adopted. In that time, the Siegel’s must care for the dog while looking for a loving, caring home the dog can be placed in for the rest of his or her life. Although taking care of a puppy seems so simple and fun, there are challenges that come with it too.

“The hardest part is having to get up when they cry in the middle of the night,” Karina said. “The first puppy we had had to take worm medicine daily, so he had to be taken out a lot.”

Fostering puppies is an enjoyable experience that requires time and care. Being interested in getting a dog, but not wanting the long term commitment of one is a major reason in their decision to take part in this.

“We still get to take care of puppies, and we’re making a difference in the world” Karina said. That is why Florida All Retriever Rescue, also known as FARR, was the perfect option for them. FARR is a non-profit, all volunteer pet adoption program that works to save the lives of neglected, unwanted dogs throughout Florida. Its focus is mainly on retriever breeds, but is not limited to only that breed. FARR holds adoption events for people interested in adopting a dog, and also does meet and greets for families who are interested in meeting a specific pet. The organization works to rescue and provide loving homes for as many dogs as it can.

For more information on Florida All Retriever Rescue, visit

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