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The tenth annual Celebrate the Season Art Exhibit 2014, which was held in December at FishHawk Creek Elementary School, was an extraordinary exhibit organized by Patricia Bunk, artist, teacher, and curator of over 1,800 pieces of art.

Teaching art at the school, Bunk feels that supporting the arts through participating in exhibits is critical.

“A community actively engaged in art increases higher order of thinking,” said Bunk.

Only 30 minutes are allocated for art per week in school with a consensus among the children to increase art to 45 minutes or more.  Art is core to all curriculums increasing concentration developing highly intelligent minds integrating math, history and science. Bunk is a professional artist and highly qualified teacher in Hillsborough County.

“I lead through inspiration,” said Bunk.

Bunk is a professional devoted to inspiring all people to be highly creative by teaching foundational skills in art and creativity in her art classes.

It’s a Wonderful Life theme inspired the essence of the exhibit as family and friends gathered sharing the moment together. Over 1,200 people came together to enjoy visual art with refreshments and music provided by The Village Jazz Ensemble from Progress Village Middle Magnet School of the Arts. The Riverview Chorus and strings were led by Elizabeth Stewart Riverview High School Choral Director.

“Art transforms the world using line, shape, color and rhythm. In its perfect form art creates a depth of joy that is untouched by the world which is expressed through your spirit and heart,” said Bunk.

This year the Hanukkah menorah represented the light in your heart for the world to see. The Chaberek Family donated an “Act of Kindness Tree” which had 900 acts of kindness attached through miniature works of art in display at the art exhibit. All the children committed to gestures of kindness to their community and attached these words to the tree, which צדק, Tzedek righteousness means. Tzedakah refers to what is right and just. Art reflects the spiritual condition of the individual through creating art.

Bunks work can be found at

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