Driving through SouthShore the other day, I decided to drop in on my friend Khalid at Pita Kebob, which offers some of the most unique and compelling cuisine in the area. Conveniently located near Publix, this native of Morocco brings an amazing taste of the Mediterranean to our area making it always “worth the trip.” His authentic dishes are also influenced by Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Egyptian cultures, and each entrée is carefully cooked to order, yet amazingly quick. His popular hummus was recently featured on News Channel 9, and Pita Kebob is equally perfect for folks on the go and foodies in the know.

Khalid’s passion is obvious. As a former teacher, he knows a thing or two about attention to detail, and it shows in everything he does. His preparation is part performance as he glides around the kitchen jumping from the flat grill to the fryer to the prep station in a manner that would make the dancers at Acropolis jealous…(Not exactly live entertainment, but close to it.) More important than the “show,”  my past experience, the many excellent online reviews, and my over-committed schedule told me It was time to quickly stop in so “let’s do it.”

The Gyro lunch special was a perfect fit this particular day. Featuring a hand-carved from the spit portion of lamb on fresh grilled pita with housemade tzatziki sauce, I’ll steal a line from a classic collegiate movie and say “Thank you sir may I have another.” The spices and fresh veggies really made it work and are incomparable to related “food –court fare” made from frozen gyro meat that looks more like a steak-um. The Mediterranean seasoned fries simply sealed the deal and are good enough to make this daily special about the best deal in town. I was also glad to try a terrific spinach pie to satisfy my “spinach fix”, and yes, even saved room for a tasty piece of fresh baklava.

Khalid’s innovative menu offers Gluten-free and low-cal options and there are tasty selections for kids too if they are simply not adventurous eaters yet. A quaint outdoor dining area, free WiFi, full catering capabilities, and a $9.99 inclusive daily Early Bird from 3-5 p.m. that does not require an AARP Card nor dark knee high socks simply make Pita Kebob even more attractive. For those times when you feel like you are stuck in a vat of hummus and can’t get to PK, call the TakeOut Butler and we will bring authentic Mediterranean right to your door.

Pita Kebob

243 Apollo Beach Blvd.

Apollo Beach



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