By Kim Ruiz


A guest speaker from the Crime Prevention Task Force attended South Ridge’s May HOA board meeting at the Bloomingdale Library. Security Consultant Brian McNeal shared many helpful tips, data, and security products that he recommends. As an added bonus for attending the 30-minute presentation, homeowners were able to purchase the recommended security items at a discounted price.  These items included a door wedge alarm, an air pressure alarm system, police strength pepper spray, and a multipurpose flashlight for vehicles that could break glass or cut a seatbelt in an emergency. McNeal also shared a little known fact regarding the dangers of driving through water on the roadway of an unknown depth – the white and yellow road paint is visible through 18” of water. If you can’t see the paint, don’t drive through the water. Anyone interested in scheduling a presentation for their group or workplace can call the Crime Prevention Task Force at 800-921-4862.


The HOA recently updated its preapproved paint list for homes which streamlines the process with a one page Alteration Application available under the “Forms” tab at Homeowners may choose from a list of 25 preapproved colors for their home’s exterior with a white trim and a complimentary door color. There are six alternate door colors available. The color chart uses the Behr paint colors for convenience but homeowners may use any brand of paint once they’ve been approved by the HOA board.


All homes in South Ridge were built within ground sprinkler systems and installed with St. Augustine grass. It’s entirely possible to maintain a healthy, green lawn all year long even with once-a-week watering restrictions (not currently in place). Careful weeding and feeding of St. Augustine lawns and regular mowing, edging and trimming at an acceptable height keeps South Ridge homes looking beautiful all year long.


Residents and their guests are reminded that overnight parking on the street is against Hillsborough County ordinance. All vehicles should be parked in a garage, driveway or when needed, in the overflow area between the 900 and 1000 block of Summer Breeze. If residents drive a commercial vehicle with advertising or work equipment attached, such vehicles may not be regularly parked in view in the community per the deed restrictions.

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