By Katlyn Kurtz


May 30, 1915 was a Sunday, and while news of World War I occupied the headlines, Marie Hagin entered the world unaware of the legacy she would leave. She was born in Indiana, but at 5-years-old she moved to the Tampa area with her family.

Hagin stressed that Christianity has always been an important part of her family life. “Every time the church doors are open, there you are,” she said.

She married in 1947 and lived in a house in Brandon that her husband built by hand. She lived there for 50 years before moving into Brookdale Brandon Assisted Living where she is surrounded by many friends and is often visited by family. She and her husband were happily married for 47 years.

Hagin said that every decade she lived in was a happy one, and that she does not have a favorite. She also said that she has a lot of wonderful memories, but one that has stayed with her was that of meeting her husband.

The two of them worked in separate areas of the local post office, and his area was in need of overtime workers. Hagin volunteered, and found that each time she went to his department, there was a space open next to his workstation. Hagin laughed and said that she was pretty sure he told everyone the space was reserved for someone special.

Hagin said that her only secret to living a long life was that the Lord gave her a lot of birthdays.

Her advice to the younger generations is to be a friend, be happy, make other people are happy, get an education, and stick with it. She also included some advice from her father, which he gave her when she was first starting to work. “Do more in your current job, or you will never get paid more for the work you do,” she said, stating it was some of the best advice she ever received.

Recently celebrating her 100th birthday, Hagin’s family decorated the room where the party was to be held, including a cake and a drinking fountain for a apple juice and Mountain Dew “champagne.” When Hagin arrived at the party, she was glowing with happiness and gratitude. She looked around at her family and friends gathered there and said, “I made it.”

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