By Andria Barrios

Nicholas Baksh, or Nick Box in the writing world, has always been intrigued with history and its heroes. But one particular hero is spotlighted in his newly published book Hannibal and His War with Rome. The eBook was published this summer while the paperback awaits professional reviews before it is released.

“The book follows the events of Second Punic War with particular focus on the morals and principles of the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca,” Box explained. Four major battles and their strategies are highlighted, as well as various generals and cultures of the time. “Hannibal’s war tactics not only allowed him to win battles when he was vastly outnumbered, but they were so revolutionary that they are still studied in military schools today.”

With its thorough descriptions and violence, Hannibal and His War with Rome is suited best for juvenile readers with a brief knowledge of history. Over 25 subplots consist throughout the novel, which shows the passion of the writer to present a detailed account for readers.

“The book is not only a great read for history and epic lovers, but for romantic readers too,” he said. Many underlying philosophies are hidden within even this brutal war account. “I wrote this book to show that heroes are not just the rich, the famous or the winners. A hero can be remembered and recalled as great because he does the right thing; no matter the consequences.”

Box attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he obtained degrees in both engineering and finance. After working as an engineer and teacher for a time, he is now working on his PhD locally at the University of South Florida. “I’m working on replacing inorganic compounds in machines with organic compounds,” said Box.

But writing is also a huge pursuit. Box has at least three future books in mind, one with a religious take, one discussing democracy versus dictatorship and one a prequel to Hannibal and His War with Rome.

Hannibal and His War with Rome is $6 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Upon release, the paperback will be available at the above locations and other smaller book stores for $12. For more information, contact

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