There are many positions that make up the HOA Board. Each position is vital to keeping the Board afloat. We’ve listed some of the more common positions, and their typical duties.

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HOA Board President
HOA Board President leads all meetings and constructs agendas and HOA Board meetings. In addition, the president runs all day-to-day operations within the HOA association.

HOA Board Vice President
The HOA Board Vice President usually assists the president with all their responsibilities, and usually takes over those responsibilities in the absence of the president. The Vice President can also help lead different association committees.

HOA Board Secretary
The HOA Board Secretary duties entail writing and keeping meeting minutes, maintaining the Board’s record book, and giving notice of all regular and special meetings. The secretary also tends to be in charge of all voting results that take place in the Board.

HOA Board Treasurer
The HOA Board Treasurer is typically in charge of all financial statements and expenditures, and follows the set regulations of the HOA Board’s existing policies. In addition, the treasurer should give reports at each meeting on the budget or any other financial matters.

HOA Board Members-At-Large
The HOA Board Members-At-Large (the other HOA members) reside on different committees and assist the Board officers with their responsibilities when needed.

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