By Tamas Mondovics

The FishHawk co-ed softball league proudly completed its twice-a-year, Strength to Endure charity softball tournament to support Joe Boyle and his battle against cancer with partial proceeds to be donated to the Ocular Melanoma Foundation.

According to event organizer Tim Coffee, the tourney hosted eight teams averaging approximately 20 per team amounting to nearly 160 players, and boasted of welcoming close to 700 residents from within the FishHawk and surrounding communities, which raised $13,672 for the cause.

The tournament was won by Captain Fireball, who defeated Revenge of the Kraken for the title.

“The event was an absolute success,” Coffee said, adding that going into the tournament there was a measure of worry, but the turnout shows what happens when a community pulls together.

“When you get a bunch of good people together, you get things done,” he said. “We have all worked hard to accomplish our goal, support a good cause, but at the same time enjoyed a healthy competition and had a lot of fun.”

Ocular Melanoma is a cancer of the eye reportedly diagnosed in 2,000 adults annually in the United States with a survival rate of approximately 50 percent. Boyle has been in the FishHawk softball league since 2003 as a member of Shearwater and has participated in and contributed to many tournaments raising funds for others in need.

For more information or if interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Coffee at or call 267-8464.

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