By Andria Barrios

Jackelen Richardson and Ron Boyer never expected to find love again. Both divorced and in their late fifties, they, like most seniors, assumed themselves too old and set in their ways to begin a new life. Although they were from completely different backgrounds, the two clicked, fell in love and got married in October 2000. Not long afterward, Ron was diagnosed with cancer and in June 2012 he passed away, after nearly 12 years of marriage with Jackelen.

Though this was a tragic event, it allowed Jackelen to collect all of her feelings and story into a book. The Last Mrs. B was first printed in February of this year and printed again in May.

“I began writing the book in June of 2014 because so many people told me I should tell the story of how we met, embraced our unique lifestyles and blended seamlessly,” said Boyer, a California native. Boyer moved to Florida, the home of her daughter’s family, two years ago after her husband passed. She originally comes from a California pioneer family that settled in the Napa Valley more than 100 years ago.

“I was able to recall everything we did because I had kept a journal throughout our relationship. We were joined at the hip and loved to try new things,” she explained.

Once a teacher, Boyer also owned a successful clothing design business for 26 years. She still sells jewelry on eBay, participates in charity work, enjoys her two grandsons and travels, learning new skills and encouraging others along the way.

Her goal is to tell her poignant story of late-life love for others who believe themselves too old to open their heart again.

“People over 55 still find love,” she encouraged. “Falling in love with Ron was totally unexpected and gave new joy, which resulted in this book.”

Her future plans include possibly writing a sequel or starting a home show.

The Last Mrs. B is available on or on Amazon, in both paperback and eBook form. Download a free copy of the first chapter at promo.pdf.

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