By Bonnie Mentel

David Alderman is a local man who was born with Cerebral Palsy. He hasn’t let that diagnosis hold him back. He currently works as a computer programmer and is married to Julia, who he met online in 2010. He also has a ministry of singing to bring people to the Lord.

“I’ve had the idea of writing my autobiography for many years because my story is very unique. However, I didn’t really know which direction to take the book. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t in a good place spiritually for several years. As I explain in my book, there was a period of time I felt lonely with no friends, no hope of getting a job, and no real direction in my life. God had to do some work on me before I could really tell my story,” Alderman said.

Alderman’s book is called, He Leads Me. He was at home watching TV, when he felt God say, “I want you to write your autobiography and tell how I used you through your ministry.” As he was writing, he could feel God dictating what he should write.

Alderman wants people to know that God can use anybody regardless of circumstance.

“I think a lot of Christians don’t serve God like they should because they’re afraid of failing. I heard an evangelist say one time, ‘God doesn’t want your ability, He wants your availability,’” he said.

Cerebral Palsy has caused a lot of difficulties in Alderman’s life. He has to have somebody feed him most of the time. His wife prepares his lunch with foods that he can manage himself, but he still needs assistance during the rest of the day.

He also feels more pain as he gets older, but he said that God is always faithful to get him through each day.

“God knows what you need when you need it. All my life, God has put the right people in the right place at the right time. I look back and can see where God has been at work in my life. My wife has also been a huge help. She’s always there when I need her, especially on the days when I’m down. She knows just what to say when I get discouraged,” he said.

He Leads Me can be purchased online at,, and The book has a list price of $9.99.

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