By Marie Gilmore

This holiday season, a newly released book, The Favorite, is the perfect gift to share with families. The book inspired by true life events, is a story about Benjamin Bernard, a young man who has a seemingly typical sibling rivalry with his younger brother. Benjamin’s brother, Luke, is the college all‐star, all‐around athlete, all-American boy, who appears to Benjamin to be the “favorite,” especially with their dad. Benjamin, because he feels he is not the favorite, vents his anger by becoming an MMA fighter, and a good one.

In the book, the brothers get into a tragic car accident that leaves the all‐star with a traumatic brain injury and his brother filled with guilt.

Over the course of reading the book and seeing the upcoming movie, sibling favoritism, college soccer, MMA fighting, parent‐child relationships and faith are themes that are brought to the forefront.

The book was released in November by Evergreen Press and is currently available for purchase at or on Amazon.

Now, the Bernard family and especially Luke, whose traumatic brain injury led to the removal of a portion of his skull which has been replaced with titanium steel, would like to see his dream that he had after his accident turned into a major motion picture movie to inspire families worldwide.

To accompany the movie, the family has developed a full prayer guide and church curriculum and has found resonance with every sibling grouping, where there is always an implied “favorite.”

The movie script is written, principal team members with award‐winning credentials are on board, including award‐winning Director Curtis Graham, whose most recent awards include a African Oscar for his film Oloibiri.

Currently, the movie is in funding stage with a Letter of Intent from Pure Flix Entertainment for distribution. The Bernards have an aggressive investment opportunity with repayment and movie ownership percentages. For more information or a prospectus, contact Daniel Bernard at 727-421-4132.

Email or call 727-421-4132 for more information.

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Marie Gilmore
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