By Samantha R. Evensen

La Villa Mexican Grill, located at 4377 Lynx Paw Trail in Valrico, is on a mission to provide quality and authentic food to the area. Estela Villegas and husband and chef Jose Juan Pingarron have done just so. They are passionate about their customers and the level of service they provide.

In a sea of chain restaurants, this family-owned and operated establishment has something unique to offer. All the food is prepared fresh daily and they pride themselves on having the freshest ingredients, none of which are frozen or canned. From the tamales to the tortilla soup to the guacamole and salsa, you just can’t miss.

Beer and wine is also served and you can enjoy a “margarita” made from agave wine, which is delicious and refreshing. 

Estela recounted that growing up in Mexico with her family bonds were built in the kitchen. Meals were prepared and eaten together, it was a time to talk, laugh and spend quality time. She has raised her two sons on the same traditions and principles and when they are not in school, they assist at the restaurant. 

Estela hopes that she can bring the same type of feeling to La Villa and the customers who dine there. She wants to create an experience that will leave guests feeling warm and satisfied. 

“I wanted to bring a little piece of Mexico with me; I wanted it to be authentic,” said Estela.

This small and intimate restaurant offers generous portions and flavorful dishes that will leave diners wanting more. It will be love at first bite.

La Villa Mexican Grill is open seven days a week from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. 

For more information or pick-up options, call 324-8839 and visit the Facebook page at La Villa River Hills.

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