By Renee Hobbs

Broadcasting day and night across America is as simple as turning on your computer. Podcast: “A form of digital media that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF or ePub files, subscribed to and downloaded automatically, through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.” Also according to Wikipedia, the word is a portmanteau of “(i) Pod” and “broadcast.” In English, that means individuals are able to broadcast over the internet from their computers, and individuals are able to listen to the broadcast.

Valrico resident Richard Liebespach started his podcast last spring and said, “What I share on the show can save a life.” Liebespach’s broadcast, Self Protection Essentials, includes information to help you in self defense and much more, said the host who added he wants to provide a service to people.

Liebespach is part of the Florida Podcast Association which meets monthly. Chris Krimitsos leads the group of over 350 members state wide and said, “Most of us started a podcast because we were passionate about something.” Krimitsos is also the executive producer for the upcoming film about podcasting, The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary. The movie is set to release next February and Krimitsos said, “It explains podcasting and the impact on the communities of this medium.” The idea behind the name of the film, Krimitsos said, is that,”Podcasters are messengers to try to make the world better.” Krimitsos added, “It takes you on a journey.”

Gabe Hobbs, local media consultant, recently attended the third annual Podcast Movement in Chicago. Hobbs said, “To see the enthusiasm, youth and energy in this medium is exciting and means opportunity.” Hobbs continued, “There are 320 thousand podcasts out there; compare that with about three to four hundred radio talk shows.” There are podcasts for everything said Hobbs, who explained the best way to find a program is to Google the topic, and add the word podcast, or go through iTunes.

Individuals interested in podcasting can visit or call Krimitsos at 727-858-8131.

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