By Katelyn Massarelli

Since opening in August of 2011, Primrose School of Bloomingdale has brought a unique childcare experience to families within the community. Their vision to give a child academic and life skills that they can utilize during and after moving on from Primrose is what the school has used to make its students successful when entering elementary school.

“Celebrating our fifth anniversary is a big deal for us,” the owner of Primrose School of Bloomingdale Ami Gohil said. “Establishing the preschool in the area shows our ability to build our reputation and continue to grow.”

Primrose Schools can be found nationwide in 28 states and are dedicated to setting the path for learning and life for children through their education and childcare environment. Having worked as a teacher previously at Primrose School of Westchase, Gohil opened the Bloomingdale school with her husband.

According to Gohil, childcare is most rewarding and having children of her own, she decided to open a Primrose School within Bloomingdale in pursuit of her passion. Since then, she has been dedicated to creating an environment that allows students to learn and grow throughout their time at the preschool.

Assistant Director at Primrose School of Bloomingdale, Jennifer Carroll, has experienced all that Primrose School of Bloomingdale can offer to children through her own personal experience. Whether it be setting the table with no one telling them to or having a structured schedule, Carroll’s two children are a prime example of what Primrose Schools can do.

“[My children] are developing responsibility and life skills they can use outside of the classroom,” Carroll said. “I’m no longer as worried about them starting Kindergarten.”

With the children at the school their number one priority, Primrose School of Bloomingdale also makes their teachers an important part of a child’s development. According to Education and Curriculum Manager at Primrose School of Bloomingdale, Sonya Boyette, the school is committed to providing the support needed to ensure students succeed.

“A child spends a large portion of their day here, so it’s important they feel bonded, loved and cared for,” Boyette said. For more on Primrose of Bloomingdale, contact 438-5980,, or visit

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