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Steve Altier, an author and local resident, has written and published his fourth book, Lizardville The Ghost Story, a young adult novel for children ages eight to 12. Altier’s three other books have been illustrated children’s books.

Altier said, “It is much larger than the children’s books I have done. Lizardville The Ghost Story was nominated for the 2016 Best Indie Book by Shelf Unbound Media.” Altier added, “I think this story tugs at your emotions, like nothing else I have ever done. It has plenty of tense moments, along with a great adventure story.”

Lizardville The Ghost Story tells the story of John Malone, father of Zack and Daniel. John decides to share a family secret that he has kept locked away, a secret the changed his life forever. The story occurs in a small Pennsylvania town called Lizardviile. A young John and his friends set out on a camping trip along the banks of Big Fishing Creek. On the first night, as the boys gather around the campfire, Parker shares a story that happened nearly 80 years ago, the legend of the Ax Factory murders.

Soon after, strange things begin to happen. The boys do not realize they have awakened the spirit world. One boy, Jimmy comes face to face with a ghost named Annabelle who is searching for something that the boys are hiding.

According to Altier, “I grew up in a small mountain town in central Pennsylvania. My buddies and I used to love fishing and camping, and during the summer we would swim in the local creek. The area had the remnants of an old ax factory and broken down dam,” said Altier. “I took some of my childhood experiences and incorporated that into a ghost story set in the 1970’s,” added Altier.

Altier’s books can be found at locations such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. You can visit Altier’s website or order autographed copies at http://www.stevealtier.com.

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