With Arts & Entertainment Editor Kathy L. Collins

This month’s art exhibit at the Bruton Memorial Library in historic downtown Plant City features the artwork of local artist, Melvin Beall. The exhibit contains 14 framed works. It is an interesting collection. Beall’s work shows fine attention to details and color in each piece.

Beall is a Florida native who has been drawing for two years. His primary medium is colored pencil. He also uses ink pen and graphite pencil. The pieces featured at the library utilize all three mediums. In addition, the piece alternate between still life and animal depictions.

Each month, Bruton Memorial Library features the artwork of an artist or organization who resides in Eastern Hillsborough County. The exhibit is a nice addition to the library and gives the public an opportunity to view fine art created by someone from the community.

Amanda LaPorta is the Adult Services Librarian at the Bruton Memorial Library which is a member of the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative. LaPorta said, “Beall’s art was selected for its stark simplicity and realism. In particular, his colored pencil rendition of grapes and an ink drawing of a ship at sea demonstrate thorough attention to color, light and movement.” LaPorta added, “Beall’s animal studies likewise convey great potential. Two of his pieces contain roosters that are exceptionally lifelike.”
Local artists who are interested in having their artwork featured at the Bruton Memorial Library need only to visit the information desk and request an application.

Bruton Memorial Library strives to have many great events and programs that will help to bring the community together.

LaPorta said, “The library displays the work of local artists year-round, and will continue to offer creative, art-oriented adult programming through the summer. In particular, a musical performance by the Crabgrass Cowboys in late July and a scrapbooking class in early August are not to be missed.”

The Bruton Memorial Library is located at 302 McLendon St. in downtown Plant City. For information, call 757-9215 or visit plantcitygov.com/544/library.

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