The East Hillsborough Historical Society has started offering a Genealogy Series. The classes in the series will be offered on a monthly basis on the fourth Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. The cost to attend is $10 unless otherwise noted. To register, please visit

The February class, which is called “Writing Your Childhood Memories,” will feature author and illustrator, Beth Ford. She wrote and illustrated the book Room 4.
Room 4 is a compilation of seventeen stories of vivid childhood memories by 87-year-old author and artist, Beth Ford. She spent ten years (1933-1943) growing up in the McColgan Hotel in McComb, Mississippi. Each one of the stories captures a bit of Southern history and a child’s reaction to a world event. On the page preceding each story, there is an illustration which gives the reader a sense what is to come.

Ford said, “Hopefully these colored pencil drawings add interesting visuals to my creative non-fictional stories. I wrote them because I wanted to leave some kind of personal legacy of what was a different childhood and quite an amazing time in my life in the quintessential Mississippi town that I loved and called home.”

The East Hillsborough Historical Society started the classes because there was a general interest in the subject, and they wanted to offer more programming to the community. All of the classes will be led by experts in Genealogy and history.

Shelby Bender is the President and Executive Director of the East Hillsborough Historical Society. Bender said, “Ford was selected for this class because her story is a great way to let family historians or genealogists know that that there is a story to tell about everyone. Your family history is not just about people, dates and places. This adds ‘flesh on the bones’ and gives a person character.”

Bender added, “Learning is a life long venture and one has to be always seeking out new information.”

Future classes in the series will include funeral home records in March and land records in April. They are also planning on offering a Parliamentary Procedure class which will be taught by Registered Parliamentarians and will cost $25. Each attendee will receive a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.

For more information, please visit

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