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Did you know that there are an abundance of daily holidays and special days every month? Some are immersed in tradition, while others may be silly, bizarre, unique, special or inspirational. Unofficial Holidays are not traditionally marked on calendars but are celebrated by various groups and individuals. Some are designed to promote a cause or to recognize historical events not recognized officially, while others are fun holidays, generally intended to just be humorous. So, in the midst of our busy lives, maybe consider taking time to enjoy some of the entertaining but lesser-known holidays throughout the year.

Let’s get the ball rolling for March, the month most well known for St. Patty’s Day celebrations and March Madness. But, how will you honor National Frozen Food day on Tuesday, March 6? Observe a moment of silence thinking about all the yummy foods and snacks in your freezer. Maybe pay special homage to that carton of frozen ice cream. To make this day more special, load up the family and head to Campbell’s Dairyland located at 200 S Parsons Ave. in Brandon and treat the kids to an ice cream Sunday to celebrate.

Wednesday, March 14 is a national Pi Day. Why? Pi is a mathematical concept and a number that never ends so we round it off to 3.14. If you are a mathematician, this day honors you. It also pays respect to Albert Einstein who was born on March 14, 1879. Most of us non-mathematicians will celebrate this day by eating pie. Don’t feel like baking a pie? Stop off at Moreno’s bakery at 737 W. Brandon Blvd. in Brandon and pick out a delicious pie of your choice. Also, Village Inn is known for giving free slices of pie to their customers on Wednesday, which just happens to be on Pi Day this year.

All the waffle lovers of the world can unite on Sunday, March 25 for International Waffle Day. If you don’t have time to make homemade waffles in the waffle-maker that your Aunt Theo got you for Christmas 10 years ago, just jump in your car and enjoy a waffle at The Recipe Box Family Diner located at 147 E. Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon. And remember, waffles are not just a breakfast food. Throw in a piece of fried chicken and call it dinner.

You won’t want to miss out on Take a Walk In The Park Day on Friday, March 30. This is a great occasion to exercise and relax to help clear your mind and enjoy one of the 170 beautiful Hillsborough County parks. To find a park near you, visit You may need to walk after eating ice cream, pie and waffles.

These holidays might encourage you to appreciate something, try something new or do something silly. At least we hope they inspire you to laugh a little during the days, weeks and months ahead.

Now that’s not the end of weird celebrations for March. Nope, not by a long shot.
Check out a few other notable days:

March 1 – Plan A Solo Vacation Day
March 4 – March Forth and Do Something Day
March 12 – Napping Day
March 15 – Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
March 19 – Let’s Laugh Day
March 23 – Puppy Day
March 24 – Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
March 28 – Something On A Stick Day
March 31 – Bunsen Burner Day

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