A road trip in 2016 helped launch Jacob Seace into a career in photography.

Photography is the art of capturing an image on film, paper or now most commonly, in a digital format. Photographs tell a story, and when it is your story, you want someone who is knowledgeable, capable and creative to tell yours.

Jacob Seace, a resident of Riverview and owner of Jacob Seace Photography possesses the qualities and expertise that you want in a photographer. A lot goes into creating the perfect photograph. Seace brings a vibrant attitude to his photography and it shows in his amazing photographs.

Seace got into photography on a trip with a friend to Western North Carolina. His friend had a camera and Seace was hooked. He bought a camera, learned all that he could including the art of videography and started his own business.

Seace specializes in portraiture and Landscapes. With respect to portraits, he focuses on senior (high school) portraits and model portfolios. “It is always a new challenge with every shot. I never stop learning,” said Seace.

Seace’s philosophy in taking the perfect photograph is simple. “I like to stay in the moment and then take the photograph,” explained Seace. “I try to keep the clients calm and tell them you do not have to look at the camera. I know when the moment is right to take the photograph.” Seace added, “I want clients to relax and not be tense.”

Seace works with his clients to ensure that their vision comes through on the photos. He will work with them to select the perfect venue for the shoot, the right clothes to wear and more. When Seace does a shoot for senior portraits, he will take close to 500 photographs.

This year, Seace participated in the Annual Winthrop Arts Festival. He is also becoming associated with the Winthrop Arts Art Factory and offering classes on photography on select dates.

Local businesses and organizations that want to optimize their social media presence with great photographs can get help with this from Seace.

For more information on Seace and his photography, please visit https://www.jacobseace.com.

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