For a stylist, it can be a leap of faith to go out on your own. You lose the safety net of a big box salon or brand recognition, and the competition is fierce. However, Laura Craig always knew the community needed more than just your average stylist. With over 25 years experience, Craig specializes in hair restoration for men, women, and children who have varying levels of hair loss due to disease, injury, or natural age progression.
LGC Hair is still growing in its new location, four years later, helping clients look and feel their best.

Craig is so thankful for her clients: “Everybody is different. They have their own circumstances and situations. You watch people change through their journeys. I meet some really good people in the Brandon area. I can’t imagine where else I’d ever want to work.” Her mission is the same from the moment she started: helping people rediscover their identities through giving them back the hair they once had or the hair they always wanted. She offers a range of restorative services such as: non-surgical permanent hair replacement; semi-permanent hair replacement; and the ALLIEVE Process, which unlike any other conventional hair replacement procedure, mimics natural hair growth. You could also go for a great haircut, perm, or color even if you have not experienced hair loss. Her salon has it all and will grow with you along each step in your journey.

Additionally, Craig offers human hair wigs at extremely cost efficient prices. She will work with you on payment plans for long term treatments and wigs, and her prices are often $800 to $900 under competitor pricing. Why specialize? Why not just open up a big box salon of her own? Craig knows she is in the right place: “I pray about it a lot. I really run my business on faith that God sends the right people through my door. I really pride myself on a lot of personal care that I give each client. I’m always here for them no matter what.” She wants people to have good quality products and services at much more competitive prices.

LGC remains a certified ambassador for Wigs for Kids where they can collect ponytails for donation. These ponytails are used to create wigs for children experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions like cancer and alopecia. Craig talks about the benefits of this program: “This year, I’ve had more teenage girls with alopecia, and they want to go to prom, but they are feeling devastated. There are no cures out there despite research and seminars. I take a lot of time with them and when I have a parent that looks at me with tears in their eyes. I know why I do what I do. It’s very rewarding. I treat the kids like they were mine. I would want my child to feel comfortable going through something like that.”

LGC Hair Restoration is located inside Mandalay Mist at 1123 Professional Park Dr., Brandon, 33511. Business Hours are Monday-Saturday by appointment with times ranging between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Call 990-9234.

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