Strawberry Square in Plant City offers the perfect venue for those who love to dance.

If you like to dance, you need to check out Strawberry Square located at 4401 Promenade Blvd. in Plant City. Strawberry Square, established in 1979, is a friendly community which features a beautiful Square and Round Dancing facility.

Strawberry Square has a fabulous floating hardwood floor and great acoustics. During the season (November to March), Strawberry Square offers dancing nightly. In the off season, Strawberry Square offers Plus Square Dancing with Rounds on the first and third Saturday of each month for just $7 per person. On the second and fourth Saturday of each month, it offers Social Dancing for $6 per person. Every Friday night, it offers Advanced Square Dancing for $7 per person.

While you do need experience for the Plus Square Dancing with Rounds and Advanced Square Dancing, anyone can join in on the Social Dancing. DJ Ken Miller plays all kinds of music which appeals to a lot of people.
Dancing begins at 7:30 p.m. Strawberry Square offers a workshop from 7 to 7:30 p.m. so if you need instruction, you can get it prior to the dances beginning.

Cherylene Sorrells is a part time resident of Plant City and a member of the Strawberry Square Board of Directors. Sorrells said, “Square Dancing is not like what you may have seen on television or in a bar. It is Western style with a Caller who tells you the moves. It is more modern and more advanced.” Sorrells added, “Round Dancing is like choreographed ballroom dancing. A Cuer (caller of square dance rounds) tells you the moves (think Two-Step or Waltz).

Sorrells has been dancing since 1985. “We have dancers as young as eight or 10 and as old as 91,” said Sorrells. “Dancing is excellent mental and physical exercise. When you are dancing, you are using your brain (you have to follow instructions) and body (good cardiovascular exercise) and doing it for pure enjoyment,” added Sorrells.

“Dancing is a good way to get to know people too. It is a good social activity,” Sorrells said.
Strawberry Square has a Dance Wear Shop. It is the only one in the area that carries Square and Round Dance apparel.

For more information, please visit or call 752-0491.

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