After a stellar career in accounting, Anne Nymark is using her years of experience and superior skills to help area residents in their real estate transactions.

Long time resident and community advocate, Anne Nymark, is putting her wealth of knowledge and experience to work as a real estate professional. For over 30 years, Nymark owned and operated Professional Accounting & Consulting, a thriving accounting, consulting and tax firm. Nymark sold the firm three years ago and is now utilizing her real estate license which she has held since 1982.

Nymark is now with Signature Realty Associates. “The transition from accounting to real estate was very simple. I have been negotiating and dealing with issues related to the sale of businesses and real estate for many years. It is a seamless transition to go from an accounting practice to real estate because you use the same skills- being a good negotiator, understanding contractural issues and having a knowledge of financial issues,” Nymark said. “I have had my real estate license since 1982. I kept it active and just used it for friends and family,” Nymark said.

Nymark has been working in this community for several decades. For the past two years since selling her practice, Nymark worked part time and now works full time as a Realtor specializing in residential and commercial properties.

So far in 2018, Nymark has sold three commercial buildings. She attributes this success to the multitude of personal relationships she has developed over the years and her years of experience.

Nymark has a team of three professionals who work with her. “I hand picked my team because I wanted to teach them everything that I know. I wanted to train my team so that they know how to take care of customers,” said Nymark. “It is all about customer service,” added Nymark.

Nymark knows the greater Brandon community well having lived here for over 40 years. “I love this community. I could live anywhere and I choose to live here.” Nymark uses her finely tuned skills to help potential home buyers maximize their opportunity to get into the right house with the right budget. “I can pre-qualify someone just by talking to them. I am good at counseling people on not over spending and becoming house poor,” said Nymark.

For more information and to speak with Nymark about real estate opportunities, please call her at 293-9236 or email her at

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