Lanell Williams-Yulee possesses the competence, integrity and experience necessary to be an effective judge. She is running for County Judge in Group 8 on Tuesday, August 28.

Lanell Williams-Yulee wants to fulfill a lifetime dream of becoming a judge. Williams-Yulee is a candidate for County Court Judge in Group 8 and would like your vote on Tuesday, August 28.

Williams-Yulee has 27 years of legal experience. She served as a public servant for 17 years during which time she worked as an Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Public Defender. She has spent nine years in private practice. “I practiced in every area of practice in which a County Court Judge presides. This includes domestic violence cases, DUIs, Traffic Court and county court civil litigation,” explained Williams-Yulee.

Before opening her own practice, Williams-Yulee partnered with now State Senator, Darryl Rouson and worked briefly with Morgan and Morgan.

In addition to an expansive practice, Williams-Yulee has devoted herself to providing extensive pro bono service to those who cannot afford an attorney in various areas of the law. Williams-Yulee is a wife, mother and business woman. Despite all that she does, Williams-Yulee finds time to give back to the community in a variety of ways.

Williams-Yulee credits her love of service to her grandfather who served in the U.S.Navy. “In addition, my father and husband served and now my son is serving in the Armed Forces. I have a great appreciation for the military and the freedoms we have,” said Williams-Yulee.

This is not the first time that Williams-Yulee has run for judge. “I will not give up. I consider myself a fighter. I was born weighing only one and a half pounds. I have been fighting my whole life, and I will bring that same fight and persistence to the bench to impart justice and equality for all people,” explained Williams-Yulee.

“After 17 years of public service as an Assistant Public Defender and as an Assistant State Attorney, becoming a judge, in my opinion, is a natural progression of becoming the ‘ultimate public servant’. In summary, my public service experience coupled with my personal life experience intertwined with my passion to dispense justice for all people separates me and sets me apart from my competitors,” said Williams-Yulee.

Williams-Yulee asks for your vote on Tuesday, August 28. For more information, please visit

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