Judge Jared Smith (third from the left),shown here with his extended family, is seeking re-election as a Hillsborough County Court Judge. He would like your vote on Tuesday, August 28.

Judge Jared Smith serves as a Hillsborough County Judge. He was appointed by Governor Rick Scott in 2017. He is up for re-election on Tuesday, August 28. Judge Smith is in Group 5.

“I currently serve as a Hillsborough Judge, handling domestic violence and county civil matters. In domestic violence court, emotions can run high and the stakes are very high as well. It is important to not only have a judge who understands the law but can carefully listen to both sides and make an effective ruling based on the law and facts,” said Smith.

“I have handled thousands of domestic violence cases in my time on the bench, and I look forward to continuing to serve in this capacity or whatever there is a need of at the courthouse,” added Smith.
Prior to his time serving as a County Court Judge, Smith served in the United States Air Force. “I was a practicing attorney when 9/11 happened, and I immediately felt the call to abandon my ‘traditional’ legal career and to serve my nation,” explained Smith.

“It is with this same heart of service that I gave up my successful construction law practice in 2017 to accept an appointment to the bench,” said Smith.

“Besides having actually worn the robe and having a proven track record of success as a judge, I am also board certified. Only six percent of Florida attorneys are board certified, and less than one percent are certified in construction law. My military service, board certification and time on the bench are all factors which set me apart from my opponent,” said Smith.

Smith is married to Suzette, and they have four children. Smith is a deacon and long time member of Idlewild Baptist Church.

“I have learned there is a huge difference between making arguments before a judge and having to actually make the calls as a judge. It is an awesome responsibility that I do not take lightly. In addition to following the law and effectively handling the constant flow of matters before the court, it is also very important to be a careful and respectful listener,” said Smith.

For more Information on Smith, please visit www.judgejaredsmith.com.

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