Scott "Mr. H" Hottenstein is running for Hillsborough County School Board District 6. The campaign is run by former and current students.

Scott “Mr. H” Hottenstein, a resident of FishHawk Ridge in Lithia is running for Hillsborough County School Board District 6, a county wide seat. Hottenstein is retired from the United States Navy after 24 distinguished years of service. In the Navy, Hottenstein held positions of command and had extensive experience in leadership and management of large budgets.

He is now a Social Studies teacher at Barrington Middle School and has taught there for five years.
“I am running for school board because I see a need to restore faith in the school board, renew a focus on the students in the classroom, and fix the problems that are broken in the school district,” explained Hottenstein.

Hottenstein’s wife, Laura, is a Guidance Counselor at Rodgers Middle School. “I am able to see things from inside the school both because I am a teacher and because of my wife’s position as a Guidance Counselor,” said Hottenstein.

“We must restore faith in the school board. Residents need to be able to trust school board members to do their job of managing the budget and being an advocate for public education,” said Hottenstein. “I want people to know that I am engaged with the community and what goes on in classrooms. I want to listen and solve problems rather than say this is the way we have to do it,” added Hottenstein.

‘We must renew focus on the students. We can do this by administering schools in a bottoms up manner. Teachers and principals know what their schools need. We cannot assume that the district knows what is needed in individual schools. The district has taken autonomy away from the principals,” said Hottenstein.

“Finally, we must fix that which is broken. This includes bringing back courtesy busing, stop deferred maintenance and negotiate with teachers on pay and other issues in good faith,” added Hottenstein.

“I am in the classroom. My wife is a Guidance Counselor, and my children are in public school. I have skin in the game. I have the perfect combination of experience and skills to do the job necessary to get public education back on the right track,” said Hottenstein.

Hottenstein would like your vote on Tuesday, August 28.

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