Dr. Stephen Steller is at Spinal Correction Centers at 11964 Boyette Rd. in Riverview.

By Dr. Stephen Stellar

Did you know that 93 million Americans have heart disease? If you need to take blood pressure medication, you have heart disease. MERSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria killing people, and the only reason it is around is because Americans take way too many antibiotics. Type 2 Diabetes is completely avoidable and reversible, and cancer is completely avoidable, which is the only way to cure it. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You should be.

Here is the truth about how your body functions and how pharmaceutical companies hope you always stay sick. Health is very simple. Your brain and spinal cord control every single function in your body every second of every day and it happens no other way. When signals from your brain are blocked to your organs and immune system, they start to malfunction.

So what is the medical answer to all health problems? Do drugs remove blocked nerve function? No! Drugs actually slow down healing. We all know that but drug companies want you to take drugs, continue to be unhealthy and believe that there is no other way to regain your healing and function.

So if you have a health issue, should you add drugs or remove the blockage to the body? Remove the interference to your health.

How does your nerve system become blocked? Misalignments of the spine called subluxations cause damage to your nerves. We do this to ourselves by daily living and minor trauma. Think about all of the little things you have done to yourself over your lifetime. We bend wrong, sit wrong, lift wrong, play sports, car accidents, falls and more. Pinched nerves to any organ or your immune system will cause poor function and poor health in your body.

The true definition of health is functioning and healing at 100%. What controls all functioning and healing? It is your brain and central nerve system. Nothing else can do it. So correcting your core health and removing the misalignments is extremely important. How do you do this? You get your kids and yourself checked for nerve interference (subluxation) by a chiropractor.

To get checked, give Spinal Correction Centers a call to schedule an appointment at 540-7270. It is located at 11964 Boyette Rd. in Riverview. Visit www.spinalcorrectioncenters.com.

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