One of the treatment rooms patients can enjoy in peace.

By Elisa Santana

Skincare has always been something everyone wants. We want the healthiest and as-close-to-perfect skin. And we want quick procedures that offer the best results. In fact, research shows that medical aesthetics is on the rise, reaching nearly $17 billion by 2023.

“During my pregnancy, I had a lot of issues with skincare and I did a lot of research. Aesthetics is where skincare is moving right now,” Nikiya Herron Keller, owner of DayDreams Day Spa, said.

DayDreams Day Spa knows how important skincare is, which is why it is opening its very own med spa where you can get medical consultations, Botox, chemical peels and more. And leading the med spa will be medical aesthetician Doctor Victoria Morin.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Dr. Morin started with her own practice in family medicine. She and her husband moved to Florida in 2005 where he practiced Orthopedic Surgery and she stayed at home to raise their three children. She became interested in medical aesthetics, searching for the best cosmetics and skincare products. After living in Florida, she became even more focused on preventative care.

“In Florida, we are exposed to the sun for a majority of the year. This can cause a whole host of issues, the least of which are hyperpigmentation and discoloration,” she said on the DayDreams Day Spa website. “Given my longstanding interest in the area, when the opportunity arose to partner with DayDreams, it only felt natural.”

People will be able to schedule a consultation with the doctor where she will do a skin analysis using a 3D imaging device and discuss the issues you are having with your skin. She then tailors a treatment plan to make sure you get your desired results.

Aside from the med spa, DayDreams offers many other services. They offer massages, waxing, nail treatments, body and facial treatments, tanning and more. The owners, husband and wife Benjamin and Nikiya Keller, took over the spa four years ago. The spa was opened in 1999 by an aesthetician who wanted to create a peaceful experience for every customer.

The Kellers have tried their hardest to keep that same goal.

“You can get a great service anywhere. We are about experiences. You can bring your mother or anyone who has done a great thing for you or is tired and you want to give them a great day, this is the place to do it. We will make sure to give them positive experiences,” she said. “We have tranquility rooms, mimosas, snacks and fruits. It’s not just about the service, it’s about relaxing. It’s about taking a time to breathe and decompress.”

Both the Kellers and Dr. Morin also make sure that all the products are natural and effective. They use brands such as Environ, Pevonia and DefenAge. Each product has been tested by Dr. Morin herself to ensure they give her patients the most dramatic results.

DayDreams has two locations—one in Lakeland at 1463 Town Center Dr. and one in Brandon at 658 Oakfield Dr.—where the doctor will be working at both. For more information, call 657-2992 or visit

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