The New Year’s Eve celebrations quickly turn into resolutions on New Year’s Day. If you are like most people, keeping resolutions prove to be difficult. We start with good intentions of self-improvement, but most of us are not prepared to make the changes we vowed on January 1. This year, consider making a resolution of improving your life with more grace. What is in your heart? What is occupying your mind? Are there any unresolved feelings of anger or the inability to forgive? Are you holding onto unhealthy resentment?

This year, you can resolve to examine your emotional and spiritual health daily. Let go of the bitterness in your life in the new year. God is ready to take hold of those things that you have been holding onto emotionally. Let 2019 be the year you lay your heart in the hands of God. Be blessed.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolution: 101 Stories… Great Ideas for Your Mind, Body, and …Wallet
By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, D’ette Corona and Barbara LoMonaco

Everyone makes resolutions—for New Year’s, for big birthdays, for new school years. In fact, most of us are so good at resolutions that we make the same ones year after year. This book is an inspiring look at those resolutions. Why did we make them? How did they turn out? What did we learn? This collection of real-life stories covers topics such as losing weight, getting organized, stopping bad habits and restoring relationships.

Keep the Change: Break Through to Permanent Transformation
By Becky Tirabassi

We all have areas of our lives in which we would like to see improvement or do things differently. But how often are we able to bring about permanent change? The secret to lifelong transformation rather than another failed New Year’s resolution involves more than just recognizing some important self-truths. This book addresses challenges we all face—from overcoming addictions to struggles with weight, controlling anger, procrastination and disorganized lifestyles. Get ready to make some new commitments and lifestyle adjustments in your journey to Keep the Change.

Small Changes for a Better Life: Daily Steps to Living God’s Plan for You
By Elizabeth George

How can you improve your relationships, stretch your budget, streamline your schedule, break bad habits and cultivate good ones? Providing cutting-edge answers from God’s Word, this book offers practical tips to enhance every area of your daily life—from family, home and work to friendships, finances and health.

Surviving One Bad Year: 7 Spiritual Strategies For When Life Goes Terribly Wrong
By Nancie Carmichael

Loss can come in many forms including divorce, death, illness, bankruptcy and more. When you experience these losses, you may wonder, “How will I survive?” This book offers spiritual strength and practical strategies to help you with emergency tactics to keep your head above water when tragedy strikes. It reveals tactics to help you navigate the stormy days ahead. While the impact of most losses extends beyond one year, you can take a step down the path of healing now.

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