Dan Cyral of Hypnotic Engagements works with clients to improve their lives.

By Brad Stager

People interested in improving their lives by overcoming an addiction like smoking or by gaining an edge on the golf course may find the most powerful tool to achieve their goal rests between their ears. According to Daniel Cyral, owner of Hypnotic Engagements, it is a matter of people knowing how to focus their mental energy, and that he can help.

“I’m 100 percent dedicated to their lifelong change and success,” said Cyral, who trained and also performed with Richard Barker, an internationally recognized hypnotist with a large media presence in the United States.

While entering a hypnotic state may seem like an exotic journey to the center of the mind, Cyral explains that it is something people commonly experience, such as when transitioning between sleep and wakefulness.

“It’s a natural state that everybody enters every day. It’s a matter of harnessing it for their permanent change.”

That natural state Cyral refers to is known to scientists and the medical community as alpha brain activity, which generates measurable electrical brain waves at a frequency conducive to relaxation, suggestibility and focused, mindful efforts, such as self improvement in areas like sales or sports, as well as help in eliminating unwanted habits.

Besides helping individual clients, Cyral entertains groups ranging from family parties to corporate retreats with a stage show that combines comedy and hypnosis. Cyral often works with fellow hypnotist Spencer Hojdila, such as when the duo entertained attendees of the Sixth Annual Gems and Jeans Ball that benefited the Sylvia Thomas Center for Adoptive and Foster Families.

Cyral has been helping others achieve meaningful change in their lives for more than two decades, and it is a line of work that he still expresses enthusiasm for.

“I love how the mind works, and 20 years later I’m still intrigued every step of the way, watching years of issues melt away before your very eyes.”

To learn how hypnosis could benefit you, call 248-941-4246 or visit www.HypnoticEngagements.com for more information. You can also follow Cyral on Instagram at #thetranceexpert.

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