Stowers Elementary School fifth grade student Eden Prescott recently published her first book at age 9.

FishHawk resident Eden Prescott recently published her first book, an accomplishment for anyone, but especially as a fifth grade student.

The Rabbit Who Lived in Hat, which Eden wrote when she was only four years old, is one of dozens of books she has completed, but the first she has published.

“Eden first showed interest in writing when she was two years old,” said her mother Sherley Prescott. “Sometimes at that age she would pretend to read to us, her stuffed animals and to her dolls. But sometimes she pretended to write. So I asked her to tell me what she wanted to write and I wrote it for her.”

Her first book, which Sherley and Eden finished together is titled I Love Colors.

“It’s fascinating how she comes up with ideas,” said Sherley. “She would look at an object and write an entire story about that object. For example, she ate a banana and came up with a story titled The Day Before Disappearing.”

A fifth grade student at Stowers Elementary in FishHawk West, Eden, now nine years old, is inspired by her brother Jonah, who has autism.

“Eden insisted that the illustrations for The Rabbit Who Lived in a Hat be clear and unburied,” said Sherley. “That is because she wants younger readers and kids with sensory problems to focus only on the rabbit’s reactions so that they understand the story. She understands that her brother’s eyes would only focus on the rabbit’s reactions and feelings if she eliminates all background drawings.”

When Eden is not reading or writing, she enjoys playing with her brother and friends, going to the playground and pool, playing the piano, learning ballet and going to AWANA at her church. But writing is by far her favorite pastime.

“Eden plans to continue writing. She writes all the time,” said Sherley. “When she finished her homework, sometimes she will grab a notepad and pencil and write. I would remind her that it’s playtime now that her homework is done and her answer would be, ‘I am playing.’”

Her favorite book is Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff.

The Rabbit Who Lived in a Hat, which is self-published, is available for purchase and borrowing on Amazon. It can be downloaded for free by Kindle Unlimited members.

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