Queena has been working very hard at getting more control over her body in a variety of ways. She has been able to maintain herself sitting up at the side of her hospital bed for up to two minutes at times, with some support of pillows to guide her position. There have been times where she has been able to stand up with the help of two people, for up to six minutes.

In her walking system the TRAM unit, she has been able to overcome several barriers. Before, her muscles used to stay very tight, which stopped her from bending easily at her hip and knee to take steps and walk. Now, she has had several days where she can be assisted through six-seven steps in the TRAM before the muscle contractions begin to affect her again.

She has shown great progress as well in her ability to help adjust her head position, bringing it more into the middle when assisted, whereas she used to have great difficulty with her neck tilting to the left. She has overall made several improvements, and should continue to make more.

Original Story printed in April, 2018.

In April 2008, a young woman, formerly known as the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor, was brutally raped, beaten and left to die outside of the Bloomingdale Regional Library. Over the last 10 years, the community has followed Queena’s story. Initially identified as a victim following the brutal attack at the Bloomingdale Library, Queena has turned into a beacon of hope to her supporters and followers and she is now referred to as a survivor.

A decade later, she still works tirelessly in daily therapy sessions to regain the life she once knew.

On Sunday, April 29, Queena will take a break from therapy to celebrate with the community, the JoinQueena team is looking for sponsors or donations for the event including food and beverages, live entertainment, bar service, silent auction items and volunteers.

“This is an extra special event because it honors a huge accomplishment not just for Queena, but for everyone who has found their place in her story over the last 10 years,” said her sister Anna Donato.

Sponsorship and donation inquiries should be directed to Donato at avdonato1@gmail.com or at www.joinqueena.com/contact/. To donate funds towards the cost of the fundraiser, make checks payable to Hope Heals The Brain Inc (subject line: The Story Lives On) or at www.joinqueena.com/donate/.

The Ten Year Celebration of Life Fundraiser & Memoir Reveal will be held on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 1 p.m. at the GFWC Tampa Woman’s Club.

“There is much to be celebrated: 10 years of ongoing therapies, battling for justice in the courtroom, fighting for medical benefits, raising funds, volunteering,” noted Donato.

Money raised at this celebration event will be donated to 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Hope Heals The Brain Inc. and Queena’s Medical Trust Fund.

Queena’s mother has been working on a very special project: HOPE—The Anchor for my Soul; A Mother’s Memoir of Faith, Love and Forgiveness. The memoir is centered on Queena’s attack and the events which followed, but will take readers through her mother’s view of childhood in Vietnam and her journey to the United States.

Queena’s attacker, Kendrick Morris, was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 65 years in prison in 2010. In March 2017, he was re-sentenced to life in prison. Follow Queena’s progress at JoinQueena.com.

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